Bio-Art Statement                                                                          

Griselda Rosa ( Born and Raised in Tijuana, Mexico) is an artist and educator from the border region of Tijuana-San Diego. Currently, she is an art instructor at community colleges and after-school programs, previously taught at San Diego State University and at the University of Tijuana, Mexico ( UABC.)

Her artwork falls under the umbrella of Post-Colonial art, in the way it addresses issues of identity, ethnicity, and gender practices creating installation, sculpture, site-specific projects, and multiple stitching-Paintings "decolonizing" imagery.

Griselda's work has a strong relationship with poetry and mind wandering, speaks about the ecosystem’s fragility through an implicit construction of historical-imagery-memorabilia. In addition, to tackle the issue of migration and the exchange of goods between the border region of Mexico and the U.S. underscoring the chaotic-breakdown of class and race structures after colonialism and territorialism.

Also, she is interested in the existential relationship with the self and the constant dialogue between mind and body; the puerile look when studying and collecting endemic plants,flowers and insects, as well as their biological and trans-formative processes; the destruction of the everyday object, its functionality and its relation to the whole, as well as the construction of new procedural semantics.

Griselda Rosas has curated independently bi-national exhibitions from the border region of Tijuana/San Diego, most recently featuring artists from both sides of the border on an exhibition entitled Ready Lane exhibiting the work of fifteen artists—from the United States, Mexico City and Tijuana—whose proposals dismember the Other parting from a friendly perception. Hence, through this positive—and almost extinct—nod, they invert the oppressive logic behind encounters with Otherness, allowing different relationalities to flourish.

Previously, Griselda curated and in situ exhibition on a decommission jetliner Boeing 77 in the School Tecnologico of Tijuana TEC, addressing themes of migration, travel, and exchange, in addition to re-purposing airplane parts and engaging with the community.

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Art Exhibitions 


2013 M.F.A San Diego State University, San Diego, California                                           


2018-2019  Being Here With You/Estando aquí contigo: 42 Artists from San Diego and Tijuana.  Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego                                                                   

2018  San Diego City College Gallery, New media & Sculpture, San Diego, California

2018  50 Fish/50 Artist, The Japanese garden, Balboa Park, , San Diego, California

2017  Round Trip Site Specific, Decommission jetliner, Instituto Tecnologico, Tijuana, Mexico                                                                         

2017  Faculty + One, San Diego City College gallery,  San Diego, California

2017  Paisanos, Fallbrook Library,  Fallbrook, California

2017  Paisanos, San Bernardino, Mexican Embassy, California     

2015  Artist in Exhibition, Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy

2012  Camac Art Centre, Marnay Sur Seine, France

2012  National Geographic Exploration of Border Art, Mexicali, Mexico

2010  Soap & Feathers, Space4Art Gallery, San Diego, California

2009  New Directions 07, 23rd annual National Juried Contemporary Art Exhibition, The Barrett Art Center/Duchess. New York, New York

2007 15th Annual Juried Exhibition, Athenaeum, Music and Art Library,  La Jolla, California

2007  El Oído que Ve,  Museo de los pintores Oaxaqueños. Oaxaca, México

Solo Exhibitions

2018 Untitled, Bread & Salt Gallery, San Diego,California

2013 Clarivoyance, Installation-Art in the Dock, San Diego State Downtown Gallery, San Diego, California

2013  Clairvoyance, Flor y Canto Gallery, San Diego, California

2010 Los Dulces del Hormiguero, Sculpture,Instituto de Cultura de Baja California (ICBC), Tijuana, Mexico

2008 Tacisos de Terrón, Instituto Municipal de Arte y Cultura (IMAC) Tijuana, Mexico


2016  Artists-Grant through the Mexican Minister of Culture (FONCA) Mexico City, Mexico

2013   Nominated San Diego Art Prize, San Diego, California

2013  Awardee, John Rogers San Diego State University,

Scholarship Foundation, 16th Annual Juried Exhibition, La Jolla, Ca.

2012  Artist-in-Residency Fellowship UNESCO, Camac Art Centre, Marnay, France

2011   Sculpture Award, Isabel Kraft, Sculpture San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

2009  Bienal del Noroeste, Permanent Collection Museo de Sonora Hermosillo, Mexico

2009   Awardee Painting Mexican Biennial - Julio Castillo -Instituto de Cultura, Querétaro, México

2009  Awardee Artist-in-Residency Fellowship, Casa Goitia Galicia, (Fundación Rojo Urbiola) Coruña, Spain

Curatorial Projects

2019  UN/Divided,  Public/Graffiti Art Installation, Tijuana artists,  Southwestern College Chula Vista, California                                            

2018  Ready Lane,  Bi-national Exhibition, Centro Estatal de las Artes ( CEART) Tijuana & Ensenada, México

2017  Round Trip, Decommission Jetliner in situ installation, Instituto Tecnologico, Tijuana, Mexico

2017   Edgeland Futurism, UCSD Art Students and UABC Art Students, Space4Art, San Diego, CA


2018 Museum of Contemporary Art: Postcolonial Legacies,   The Lot La Jolla LOFT, San Diego, CA

2018 Universidad de Salamanca, 56th Congress of   Americanistas, Salamanca, Spain

2018  Aritts-Talk Griselda Rosas, Bread & Salt Gallery San Diego, California

2017  Guest Speaker Collaborative - Paisanos Art Collective, Latin American Arts Council, LAAC, The San Diego Museum of Art,  San Diego, California

2016  Guest Speaker,  Museum and new Technologies, Museo de Antropología e Historia (INAH), Mexico City, Mexico

Selected Teaching experience

2018-PRESENT, Watercolour Instructor, Miracosta College, Miracosta, California

2016-PRESENT, Art Appreciation, Southwestern College, Adjunct Faculty  —

2016 Art History -History of Renaissance to Contemporary Art  Adjunct Faculty,                 Southwestern College, Chula Vista, California

2013 Three Dimensional Design, San Diego State University (SDSU) San Diego, San Diego, California

2015-2009  Associates professor, New Genres, Sculpture, Drawing, and Painting. Universidad Autónoma de Baja California UABC, Tijuana, Mexico

2016 Technology inherent in Contemporary ArtPractices; New Media Art Centro Cultural Tijuana,(CECUT) Tijuana, Mexico

References available upon request.

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