About Griselda

Griselda Rosas is artist and art educator  working between Tijuana and San Diego, exploring themes of cultural hybridity as they relate to identities. 

Born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico, Griselda Rosas is a visual artist whose practice encompasses textile art, collage, painting, drawing and curating as she explores themes of cultural hybridity as they relate to identity. Her work is guided by her experiences living and working between San Diego and Tijuana in the US/Mexico border region, an area in constant migratory flux.

Through the study and deconstruction of symbols in colonial history, Rosas’ work is a wide-lensed study of the entrenched amalgamation of religions and cultures in modern day Mexico. Her work encompasses the study of traditional costume clothing and religious regalia and its relationship to European costume clothing — such as the Oaxaca headdress from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec and the Elizabethan ruff collar. It’s also shaped by early known the drawings of Mexico’s indigenous people after the Spanish conquest and the arrival of Catholicism, and critically by the exploration of motherhood, as symbolized through several works on paper that start with a gestural pencil or crayon mark made by her young son. She creates by applying stories, objects, and textiles obtained from the Tijuana/San Diego region and using the border itself as a medium of commerce and dialogue with the "other" side. 

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