Round Trip-Site Specific- Decommission jetliner Boeing 77 Tijuana, Mexico entitled Round Trip (2017). I curated and in situ exhibition on a decommission jetliner Boeing 77 in the School of Engineer Tecnologico of Tijuana (TEC), addressing themes of migration, travel, and exchange, in addition to re-purposing airplane parts and engaging with the community.Round Trip was a collaboration between San Diego and Mexico City artists - Chris Warr, Ander Azpiri, Rizzhel Mae Javier, Aren Skalman and myself-

Aren Skalman

Aren Skalman’s work moves beyond the three-dimensional and pictorial to incorporate elements of sound, light, movement, and interactivity. In particular, he is interested in the relationships between the cognitive resonance of visual art and the literal resonance of sound. Participants are prompted to engage with each other in exploratory interaction. The artwork encourages playful communication between acquaintances and strangers; to build on and challenge peoples' expectations of what may happen when approaching artwork, allowing them to become active collaborators with the objects, the space, and each other. The intention is to bring the viewer’s awareness to these interconnections in order to reflect on (or detach from) their own presence within that relationship.

Chris Warr

Chris Warr (b.1883) is an artist currently living and working in Los Angeles.  He has a bachelor's degree from San Diego State University and is also currently an MFA candidate at the University of California Irvine.  In 2019 he co-founded Space 4 Art, a non-profit arts facility and gallery in San Diego.

Chris Warr's work is a result of attempting to reconcile my dream-world of subconscious images and decisions within a reality of materials and space.  Truing to remain open in the making process, often starting works from an impulsive curiosity with no particular destination in mind, allowing chance to be guiding force as multiple  parts and pieces float around the student juxtaposing one another and the studio environment. As things take shape, I research and responding to the images and patterns that emerge from a disordered and meandering process, all the while searching for a balance between the meaning and mystery of the work.

Rizzhel Mae Javier

Rizzhel Javier is an artist and educator from Southern California and the Founder of Bridge.  She is an advocate for arts education and uses Bridge as a vehicle to bring visual arts into the community.  Rizzhel loves photography and her personal work exist in sculptural forms that explore memory, human interaction and relationships.  She is currently working with a variety of non-profits in the San Diego area, the AJA PROJECT where she works with displaced children and incarcerated youth.  She also works with Pacific Arts Movement Instructor for their Documentary Short Film classREEL VOICES  Her work is exhibited locally and she was recently nominated as Emerging Artist for the 2017 San Diego Art Prize.

Ander Azpiri

Licenciado en Bellas Artes, especialidad Escultura, por la Universidad del País Vasco (Bilbao, España),  Ha expuesto desde los años noventa en diversos espacios en países como México, España, Alemania, Estados Unidos, Colombia o Inglaterra. Como miembro del Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte, recientemente ha expuesto de manera individual en el Claustro de Sor Juana de la Ciudad de México.

Griselda Rosas

Griselda Rosas

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